Titi and Chaste

No virgins (named Titi or otherwise) or shocked boys were harmed in the making of this.

Titi and chaste,

As a grateful Earth accepts
the curdled blood of heroes
villains and cowards alike
this virginal white soon
shall accept this smear –
a crimson offering

Soon, I shall lead, you following
like obedient lamb to butcher’s chop,
to a stage behind shuttered windows
and doors slung shut.

Here: that initial eternal prick.
and then brisk stiff forays into
snug wet vaults of slippery ecstasy.

Here: Chaste Titi dear,
my homing roving horny
shall sully your silken innocence.

Here: we shall dance that furious
covert dance of stolen pleasures,
and shudder in climactic accord

Titi and chaste,

Your purity shall liquefy
and trickle out and blossom
into fullsome knowledge!


Dear Lover with the Saluting Stiffness,

Your treatise received and promptly digested.
why say in many graphic but contrived lines
what you can in one direct line?

Maybe I will; maybe I won’t
Tarry till dusk beckons
everyone proper home.

Maybe I will; maybe I won’t.
maybe there’ll be no doors and
no need for shuttered windows.

Maybe I will; maybe I won’t.
by the sandy side of the stream hurrying
to some distant rendezvous.

But Lover:

Collar snug around throbbing veins
pulsing pole peeking obscene from lax fly
Pastor sacrificed my innocence speaking
foreign tongues on the altar of his lust
late last year.

Will you or won’t you?

                                               Signed: Titi  and previously chaste.


4 thoughts on “Titi and Chaste

  1. Maddening poetry! Nay, Nay… This is ART. Every line like a perfect chess-piece. Please, tell me what you were thinking when you wrote this.. You’re a Master and this is a Piece.. Together, you’re a …

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