O Meagan,
Good is thy name and
Bloody ace are thy boobs but
By far better are thy looks

Commonplace thy name
Though good might be
But by Jove! by Thor! by gulp!
By Sango! by damn!

Thy body! showcased is not sight
A man may behold without a tube
Of requisite jelly
Blimey, we perish the thought.

O Meagan
Spawned by womb like no other
Blessed, thou beauty, unlike any other – holy fuck
Thou art pumped by priestly prick emerging from godly briefs.

Though this plate flat may screen thee from us
Endow us still with your endowments brandished
Bare, bless us, and lead us to breach our climax quick
O Meagan, we await thy coming with tubes of requisite jelly.


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