The Library Board is buying buses.
The Medical Board is selling lives.
The NSCDC is led from the top.
Telecoms companies propagate free airtime.
Ex-militants jealously gourd crude oil.
The bank aggressively saves your money.
See, Sanusi squeezes send buttons.
Asari Dokubo is a champion over his people.
Look, the Police is your friend.
Opeifa walks the talk out.
And yes, the Lagos State government will end poverty.
End it.

The president is developing a nation of green-and-white jets;
He doesn’t give a damn.
His rotund madam gives a damn
and consequently damns any consequences.
Morsi studied visionary history.
The Morsi here gleefully sinks
In quagmires of the past.
One special adviser barks hard at ghosts;
The other is building sand castles in the air.

Senators are making green.
Lawmakers are legislating lords.
Assemblymen declare free-for-alls.
Peacemakers pacify with whips kung-fu chops and guns.
The Assembly is really a den – these lions will devour Daniel.
The APC is an uberjuggernaut and it wants to crush all in its path.
The NSA saves lives; the NSA here wants to get in the business too.

The church is one big hutch of humping rabbits.
Pastors are fishing in Gulfstreams;
The audience gladly replenish the stream.
The pastor’s father is preparing a house for the pastor offshore:
Seek ye first the kingdom offshore.
The cloudy-headed Christian is seeking heaven on earth;
The heaven in heaven will sort itself.
The militant Mohammedan is a being of delicate poise.

Roads are transporting souls to Hell.
The air is a path to oblivion.
The Danfo owner drives his drivers like mules;
Danfo drivers drive prices up and drive commuters like goods –
Fragile. Handle with the utmost care.
The Union protects the cream that rose to the top: Up Road!

Stella Damascus howled wolf! wolf! wolf! wolf!
The villagers nevertheless always fall for the trick.
Pure jokes.
The life coach studiously coaches death.
The cranium protects googols of vacuum;
The motivational speaker spots a gap
And slips a hose in to pump it with guff.
The overlord cultivates Almajiris;
The vassals form up lockstep
Paying homage to the crown.
The conscious consciously milk fat cows;
The fat cows vacantly low moo.

The trapped bury the escaped with much fanfare.
Rogues insist on chaperoning saints.
Wait, even these saints are swathed in black.
Cleanliness is layers of filth.
Wizkid is crying dirges.
Nudity is the new modesty.
The radio station is making noise;
The talking head chatting static.
The listeners are giving feedback.

The ugly duckling craves webbed feet.
Babies are bawling for sex.
The old strife for milk teeth.
Your lover in fact loves another.
Your friend watches your back for where is softest;
Your friend delights in blighting your veggies –
Et tu, Brutus, you goddamned brute?

Your life is precisely worth one farthing.
Fatherland, motherland, lama sabacthani?



4 thoughts on “YOU WILL MISS THE POINT

  1. NICE!!!

    You really captured most of the facets of our lives as they are, albeit they do not make for good experiencing.

    Nevertheless, let us do our best and continue to do the rest.

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