i dished a god a slap (the invocation of Sango)

your eyes stare straight past me
unblinking, they cannot see
but behold you will
today; my laden countenance.

wooden though your ears they be
yet attune your hearing – fine.
my enemies abound far and wide.
horizons like windscreens need wiping.

words fail you, Oko Oya,
but mumble in my ears
that lazy rumble of thunder.
mark your acquiescence.

leaden legs can’t dance but
this day that in one playful
crack crackling crack thunder-clap
you’ll vanquish my enemies
you must break into this vigorous jig
of the limbs – we call it the Alingo.

for today’s sordid bath
here’s chicken blood in a calabash
for I’m far too squeamish, my lord,
to slay a man to cure your itch.

eviscerate those who mean me harm, Olukoso.
and if you’re in good humour, may I suggest
that you endow their loins exceedingly
so these loins heed Gravity’s eternal allure.


2 thoughts on “i dished a god a slap (the invocation of Sango)

  1. This is nice sire. Very nice. Exactly what I needed to read this time. If it helps, I have a working relationship with the god of sleep and he’s pleased with this piece; Methinks Olukoso would be too.

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