If you ever get on Celebrity Takes 2
I swear I’d text my last my last
in a barrage to three-zero-triple three
one-three-two or any other 5 or
3-digit short code designed to swell
calculating bank accounts;
ohun tó bá wùn wón ni k’ón so
And if anyone act or fan ever just ever
slights your star shining quite obviously
blindingly high I’d rampage and machete
for you; gbà bí mo şe só yen.
Ìyáláyàá bàbá anybody.
And even if I scrounge daily for upkeep
I’d buy every last one of your records
and I’d push and shove and climb if push
ever comes to shove just to get a good view
of you when you come to town to play around. And
if I miss one show one show I’ll scrounge around
again to buy a VCD DVD whatever to watch at home or
at worst I’d stand statuesque with others
for hours roadside to watch a vendor’s broadcast.

I love you
with the devotion of a Fuji fan.

omo èlè – Yoruba slang for pretty lady
alayé – Yoruba slang for friend; may also be used in another sense in a belligerent fashion
ohun tó bá wùn wón ni k’ón so – “whatever anyone likes let him say” popularized by Fuji musician Pasuma.
gbà bí mo şe só yen – “take it as I say it”
Ìyáláyàá bàbá anybody –slang expressing irreverence; translates literally as “the grandmother of anybody’s father


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