About the Author

The Author, Kayode Faniyi, wishes all it takes to publish a book were to click publish. Kayode Faniyi sees writing as a subset of content development and is currently an Associate Editor with Lagoon Communications, a content development/brand communication firm based in Lagos. For Kayode Faniyi, life is not a pot of beans, as that would signify that life disgusts him and is a last resort when the fingers begin to scrape the depths of the pocket. So you see.

Kayode Faniyi is also a founding partner at Faniyi, Feilhaber & Pfeiffer (Embellishers & Obfuscators), a not-entirely fictitious firm whose specialties are so parenthesized.

Kayode Faniyi loves poetry and (E. E. Cummings), even though some of it leaves him feelingly scratching his head – a state of affairs that resulted in him promising to be the root of some tellingly important headscratching himself. In other words, he’s a poet-in-training. A headscratchingly important principle of life is that fair’s only fair.

Kayode Faniyi is also built to see things the way you don’t see them, and if you ever agree with him, you are in the first stages of chronic cuckoosis. See your psychiatrist, as a lifethreateningly matter of urgency.

He can be reached for serious correspondence (the sort that involves money) at acknowledgekayce@yahoo.com, which he opened while he was in secondary, or kayodefaniyi@gmail.com, which is more mature and more importantly, appropriate, if he ever needs to send out a CV. There’s also the small matter of his alma mater being the Obafemi Awolowo University, Birnin-Kebbi, where he studied – yes, you guessed it – Microbiology. You didn’t? Woot?

Please check back often just in Kayode Faniyi has achieved some skyscraping feat – like winning a literary prize or appearing in television credits – in which case it would only be appropriate that he trumpets the fact to the high heavens on this and other trumpeting-to-the-high-heavens platform.

Apologies if you have encountered any words that don’t immediately lend themselves to your understanding. That’s why you have Google the Near-Omniscient.

Finally, finally.


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